First please fill out a brief application and answer a few questions so we can make sure we match you with the correct pup.

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    How did you hear about us?

    Have you owned a dog before ? If so what breeds ?

    Are you aware that doodles are considered low shed and that I cannot guarantee Non shed hypoallergenic dogs ?

    Is this puppy strictly for pet or breeding ? If breeding rights are wanted you need to be approved and contact me directly. Puppies are on a strict spay contract unless approved or for eligible litter.

    Are there any known allergies? (This does not disqualify you for adoption only for me to know which puppy to pair you with )

    What is the max size of doodle you are looking for?

    Is your activity level low, moderate or high?

    If you don't have a fence, what other exercise options are available?

    Have you reviewed the website to see what the pups come with, price, size range and breed? If not please do so before submitting application.

    How many hours a day approximately will the puppy/dog be left alone at home? If a long time what protocols are you willing to put in place to make sure the puppy is not left alone hours at a time during the day or night?