She care very deeply for her puppies as well as her dogs! You can tell they are her family! She has one of the best set ups I have ever seen. She makes sure her puppies are well prepared to head home with their families by crate training them doing ENS, ESI and. among other things. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy!
Ali Palos
I initially contacted Danie’s Doodles a few months ago. She was has been absolutely amazing every step of the way! We discussed colors, size, and temperament in great detail before I chose a mini bernedoodle for my daughter. She kept me updated during the mother’s pregnancy and once the puppies were born I had new photos or videos almost daily!! It keep my family both excited and engaged. We just picked up our puppy yesterday and not only is she beautiful, she is very friendly and playful due to Danies great care and simulation she provides her puppies as new borns. Absolutely Amazing experience!
Leah Moore

Being a breeder myself, I can’t say enough positive things about Danie! From the very beginning, she took the time to explain everything, to even spend 45 min on the phone with me answering all my questions! She made us feel so comfortable and I had no doubts I needed to get a puppy from her! The puppy is not only the cutest thing but is very well socialized with people and other dogs, loves children, is crate trained and doing well with the potty training! We are so glad we have found her! And I have a feeling I will be getting dog number 7 from her.

Vivian Carla

Great experience for matching with the perfect pup ❤️🐾 pups and parents are well cared for!

Jake Wojciechowski
We are so happy and overjoyed to add Leah to our family. She is such a sweetie. Grateful for the experience of being blessed with one of Danie’s Doodles. She puts so much love, time and energy into her Doodles. I was very impressed with care package she provides for each puppy. If you plan on adding an adorable doodle to your family I recommend one of Danie’s Darling Doodles hands down.
The Rushing family.
Kimberly Rushing
I’ve had an amazing experience with this company! I received a wonderful care package along with my beautiful puppy! Thank you to Crysti Tyner for all the messages and letting me know how my puppy was doing. I definitely recommend this company for anyone searching for a new puppy.
Jennifer Long
I highly recommend Danie! She obviously cares deeply for her dogs. She is great at communication and we absolutely love our little Wells. Thank you, Danie!
Becca Janis
Danie puts in the time energy and love into these puppies. Our girl is the most exposed and balanced puppy I have ever seen. she loves her crate. rides in the car like a champ! smart as can be. thank you for your hard work- it shows.
Shannon Jurecki
We had a wonderful experience and love our puppy!
Laura Durocher
Danie’s Darling Doodles LLC
On December 23rd I met my fur baby Hunter aka Kobi. I been following this company for months before making a commitment to get one of those beautiful doodle. The process was very easy and they was very informative from the beginning of our conversation.
Kobi Is very smart, talk a lot 🐶and potty trained. No major accidents 💩 in the house and if I put the pad down he will use it. He doing great with his crate/pen. He fits perfectly with our family. Great job with breeding such a wonderful pup. 😍😍😍
Alan Hardy
We are having a wonderful time with our sweet pup from Danie’s Darling Doodles. Our puppy adoption went very smoothly, the care basket was adorable and we are loving our new family member! Thank you for the love and care you’ve given these sweet puppies, your hard work is appreciated!
Kimberly Bowen Montgomery

We were so lucky to have been given Danie’s information from a neighbor. She has been wonderful and we appreciate her thoughtful updates, videos and pictures! Our family highly recommends Danie and love our sweet Lena! ❤️

Stefanie 'Estrada' Valdo
What can I say about Dani and the care she gives her doodles. I am a very proud mother of a beautiful well adjusted baby girl doodle from the last liter.
It is BEYOND me how she managed to give every single puppies family intricate and individual time and updates on the progress and growth of their newest family member. I highly recommend Danie’s darling Doodles LLC you will definitely be getting a top notch, quality puppy.
Tonya Dixson
We love our Lucy girl! Danie’s is by far the most caring, attentive, and loving breeder 💗 She puts so much effort into raising her pups. Lucy travels really well in the car, crate trained perfectly, potty training is going extremely well, walks really well on a leash, and a very happy and social puppy! At only 8 weeks old! Pictures, videos and updates are provided regularly and always available when I had any questions – love our newborn puppy picture too! The care package was an extra bonus to start us off with our new furbaby 🐶💗
Natalie Nicole
Danie is amazing and super helpful ! Her dogs 🐕 are amazing and look very well cared for she is just a great and amazing person and her dogs are just beautiful 🙂
Gabby White
Not only is she passionate about her puppies and treat them like family, but the support she provides to new breeders speaks volumes as to who she is! I would 1000% recommend Danie’s Darling Doodles!
Zyn Khe
We got our Meeko and she’s the added joy to our family. Danielle worked with us through some scheduling difficulties, which was so appreciated. Meeko came fully crate trained, so she was ready for potty training right away. It is also obvious that Danielle spent a lot of time socializing Meeko with other dogs and with humans, because she is so friendly to everyone and everything! Thank you Danielle for the amazing puppy!
Lynn Schreiber Gay

One of if not the best breeder in the game. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to taking care of pups. Constant updates from her on the pups progress as well as just their daily activities. She can be reached at anytime and always make time for her clients. Her customer service skills is A+ tracking.

Tavares Bush Sr.
I can’t say enough about Danielle N Wright and her puppies! Our little guy has been an amazing addition to our family. He is beautiful, well mannered, so sweet, and healthy! Danielle’s customer service is top notch. If you’re considering a Doodle, look no further!
Eri Edgington

Love watching the pups grow ❤ Such a great job preparing them for the future! Not only does Danielle N Wright do a great job cleaning up after the cute little fluff balls but she also takes great pride in keeping all of her dogs groomed and the adults in daycare so they get their own special attention. When choosing a breeder it is amazing to get to see pictures of the puppies maturing and adventuring into the world plus crate training! Danie’s Doodles come highly recomended from me. I am the Owner of Crysti’s Pet Services in Otisville who get’s the pleasure of working with her doods ❤

Crysti Tyner

Over and over I would recommend Danie! Our sweet boy has been so loving and calm since day one. Danie clearly gives them a lot of love and support preparing them for the transition to their new home. Our boy is healthy, happy and so loving. On top of all this… Danie is always just a message away to help brainstorm training or food issues.

Melissa Van Petten

I found my little guy at 5 weeks, during the 3 weeks before getting him I was always updated. Pictures, videos, knowing what I need before I brought my little guy home so he wasn’t so unfamiliar with everything. Crate training was on point, a few accidents but that was to be expected. He sleeps through most of the night in the crate no winning. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to taking care of pups. Updates with progress with just their daily activities. She can be reached at anytime and always make time for her clients.

Tori Gossage
Danie is way more than helpful and awsome all around human!
Dan Kelly

Harley with his brothers 💙💙💙 we are so in love with Harley & even more thankful for Danielle. She went above & beyond for our puppy. She took excellent care of our pup, along with giving such helpful information and advice since we are first time dog owners. I would recommend her to anyone!!

Jayla Beggs

We are so in love with our new puppy, Butters, and so thankful for Danie’s Darling Doodles and everything she has done to help us adopt the newest member of our family! From the minute we found Danie and our new puppy who was only 10 days old we had constant updates, pictures, facetimes, and all of our questions answered. When it came time to get our little 8 week old Butters Danie even drove part of the way to meet us! Butters is happy, healthy, and when we got her she was already well on her way to being fully crate trained and potty trained. Danie even gave us a crate and a goodie basket with all the essentials to help Butters settle into her new home successfully! We cannot say enough great things about Danie and what a great job she does loving her pups and setting them and their new families up for success! Thank you Danie!

Brandee Mulligan

I’m so happy to have gotten my fur baby from Danie’s Darling Doodles. The time, care and love she provides is unmatched. Thank you for adding to my family. We’re so glad to have become part of your extended family ❤

Tameka Blanks

We decided to bring a puppy home at the beginning of this year, and started looking at the end of last year! We came across Danielles litter that was born December 28th! When we decided we wanted to bring Beau home Danielle was amazing! She was consistent with communication, pictures, and medical information that we needed to know (as far as vet checks and what not)! We brought Beau home on February 21 and fell in love! She did an amazing job with crate and potty training. He has had minimal accidents in the house and does amazing in the crate when we leave and at night. Highly recommend Danies darling doodles. She is an amazing person and breeder!!☺️🐶

Brittany Smith