Danie's Darling Doodles was created in 2017 along with my family to make “Doodles of Perfection” a trusted resource to find homes for families looking for quality doodle breeds. Before we bred doodles we started with golden retrievers and bred them for about 5 years prior to getting our first doodle.


I have had other breeds in the past and between the bad temperaments, and massive shedding these are qualities that did not fit with our family. Though I have loved every dog I have ever owned they had their flaws and we do miss all of them dearly. There is such a variety to the doodle breed that so many people do not even realize exist. There are so many colors, shapes, sizes and temperaments that it is amazing!  


With Danie’s Darling Doodles you not only get a beautiful dog, but you also get a chance to experience what I have to offer as a person. I go above and beyond for my past, future and potential families and If I do not have what you're looking for I will help you find that dream pet. I have mentored several new and upcoming breeders who share the same qualities as me.  States include Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Alabama, Ohio, Maryland.  We are planning to collaborate so we can serve everyone all over. You may follow us on Facebook, Tik Toc and Instagram for more videos and pictures of how our home raised dogs live.


Currently, we are raising mini and medium Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Mini Aussiedoodle, as well as mini/medium Bernedoodles. We strongly recommend you research each breed to find out which one fits your lifestyle as they are all different.

Don't feel financially able to purchase a pup? We offer guardian program as well (under the guardian tap).  fenced yard required to adopt for this program. If you have any more questions feel free to open up the chat or email me at, or message me on facebook at Danie's Darling Doodles LLC